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Welcome to my photo pages!
I only uploaded a few galleries for now, but will be adding some in the future.
If you enjoy (or have any comments) please drop me a line at kristiaan [at]!

Streets of Liverpool
Part  1   Part 2
2014 Was a year in which I decided to focus on Liverpudlian steet photography. Here are some of the photos. Most were taken within walking distance from home, or on the way to work. Now updated for all of 2014.
A Second Look A series of ten pictures which are part of the exposition "Poverty Through Children's Eyes - A Second Look". I was very happy to meet this friendly family that allowed me into their lives for a little while. Pictures are from Antwerp, a rich city where one child in five is born in poverty. (added 6/1/2014)
Future A follow-up on A Second Look. Ten pictures, or rather montages, for the exposition "Poverty Through Children's Eyes - Future". Pictures are from Brazil, India and Tanzania. (added 6/1/2014)
Tanzania - animals I prefer people but I'll shoot anything. Here are some animals from our North Tanzania trip in 2008. (added 13/1/2014)
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